Enterprise Culture


Challenge, responsibility, innovation, passion and sunshine


Challenges - have a fighting spirit, dares to strong-arm reaction, bold challenge, difficulties will not give up easily, go forward, until victory.


Responsible for - responsibility is the basic quality of turbine staff, sense of responsibility means that socially responsible, responsible for the enterprise, is responsible for the customer, responsible for the environment, responsible for yourself.Employees should have the courage to bear the responsibility, to fulfill the mission, tiller for profit, for the predator.


Innovation, encourage employees to work in continuous innovation, dare to break through the conventional, novelty;Willing to comply with continuous changes of environment, brave in exploitation, innovation, creating a valve industry leading brand.


Passion, keep the entrepreneurial passion in work, keep continuous learning, a vigor of the brave rushed, with extremely high enthusiasm devoting themselves to their work and career, the pursuit of quality and efficient, refused to mediocrity.

Sun - between employees to be honest, each other containing, open, transparent, sincere, kind, coordination, cooperation, create a harmonious interpersonal relationship, the relationship between people and society, man and nature.